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It was a bright and sunny day, but you felt a slight chill in the air. You weren't sure if it was because of fall, which was right around the corner, or if it was because of your new school. You looked up at the huge school that loomed infront of you. It looked like a normal school, only way bigger. It was the students that scared you. Almost everyone was about a half foot taller than you(you were five feet exactly), you were caught in a crowd of dull-colored students(it was a uniform-optional school), and many of them wore a creepy smirk or a grim look on their faces.

'M-maybe, those rumors about Gakuen World Academy 2 are true,' you thought to yourself as you tried to find the front office.

You were a new student at Gakuen World Academy 2, a school meant for those hard to deal with teenagers that would get expelled on their first day at any other school. All because of that, it was really easy to get into as long as you had a bad record. They said that they even take in ideal students as long as you had some money. People said that the students didn't follow any of the rules and there were fights there almost every single day. Your aunt and uncle didn't care about the rumors though. They were only too happy to send you away to a school where you might get killed at. It didn't bother you that much, even though you obviously didn't belong in that place. You had always hated your aunt and uncle, your only living relatives, and was glad to be away from them.

Once you were able to push your way out of the crowd, you hurried to the office. A few other students were also there, getting their schedules and giving medicine and slips of paper to the staff there. You decided to wait by the chairs until a man with long blonde hair motioned for you to come over by the desk.

"... Ummmm," you began to stutter since the man was pretty intimidating. He had long blonde hair, and eyes that could make one flinch without even trying. "I-I'm a new student here and... I w-would like to have my... schedule...."

"You're name?" he asked in a deep voice.

"(full name). I-I'm a freshman."

The man then turned his back to you and began to look through some files before he found what he was looking for. Turning towards you, the blonde gave you a slip of paper that had your schedule on there. "Don't get lost."

"Uhh.... Thank you, Mr......" You tried to find a name tag, but the man didn't seem to be wearing one. He didn't even have a name plate on the desk either.

The man looked a little surprised at what you said, but he quickly recovered. "... Beilschmidt."

You nodded. "Thank you, Mr. Beilschmidt!" you said, before immediantly leaving the office to familiarize yourself with the school.

Finding out where the library, lunchroom, and your classes were was no easy feat. You cursed yourself for not asking if there was a map of the school for new kids. You couldn't read a map though, so it didn't matter. Still, it could have at least given you an idea where you were....

As you stood in the middle of an almost empty hallway sighing, someone lightly tapped you on the shoulder. "Hello~, Miss."

You yelped and quickly turned to see a very cute teen about your age, maybe a little older. He had blonde hair with a little curl bobbing around, the perfect tan with a scar under his right eye, and he wore a red jacket and matching pants. Sun glasses covered his eyes, but he took them off and smiled at you. Piercing, yet gentle, red eyes met your (e/c) eyes. You could feel heat rise up to your cheeks as you tried to find your voice.

Chuckling, the young man took your empty hand and brought it to his lips. That sent shivers up your spine and your face began to burn. "I am going to assume that you are new here?" he asked with a smooth Italian accent that really made your face burn.

You nodded and smiled. "... I-I'm (y/n)," you said, introducing yourself when you were able to regain your voice.

"My name is Lovino Vargas. I'm a sophmore. This is also my younger brother's first year here at the high school. Maybe you two can become friends."

'If he's as cute as Lovino, I'd love to!' you squealed internally. Then suddenly you remembered that you were lost. "Ummm.... I'm lost. Would you mind showing me to my first class?" You showed Lovino your schedule.

"I'd love to help such a pretty ragazza. Plus, it's better than going to the opening ceremonies. Don't bother. The dean will just make you fall asleep." Gently tugging on your hand, which you just realized was still in his, Lovino led you down many empty, or mostly empty, hallways and showed you both the library and the caffeteria.

All the while, Lovino talked and asked many questions without being rude or a blabber mouth. He was the one in control of the conversation, but gave you lots of opportunities to put in your own two cents worth.

"You're very interesting, Miss (y/n)!" Lovino said more than once, which made you get a little flustered. To you, you weren't that interesting, but began to believe the Italian after the third or fourth time.

'Maybe in his eyes I am. But since I have lived my life myself, I would have a different opinion.'

Soon, when the halls were flooded with students, you finally reached your first class, which was Art. Since the warning bell still hadn't rung, Lovino stayed with you as he searched the room for someone.

"... Are you looking for anyone, Lovino?" you asked, innocently with a smile.

"For Feliciano, my younger brother. I know that he also has Art, but I'm not sure when. I was hoping that he would show you to your next class, which isn't far from here."

"But you said that this is his first day too. I wouldn't expect him to know where it is."

Lovino then grinned and nodded. "Ah, you are right. But the reason why this school is so big is because most of the middle schoolers classes are on the second and third floor. The elementray kids have their own building. So Feliciano should have an idea where your English class is!"

'Even elementray kids go to this place?! ... Well, this place isn't too bad so far. I've already made a friend! Maybe some of the rumors are just rumors after all.'

"... Fratello?!"

You had a basic knowledge of Italian, so you didn't need to turn to see that it was Lovino's brother. Turning around, you saw a slightly shorter boy with dark auburn hair and a curl like Lovino's. He wore an outfit that made him look like he was part of the military with a cute little hat and a feather that was attached to it. He was also tan like his brother, just not as tanned. Unlike, Lovino's, his eyes were a mesmering light brown that you couldn't look away from.

"Feli~!" Lovino called out, as he waved his hand coolly. "This is (y/n). She's new and I would like it if you showed her to her next class."

The younger was mulling it over for a few moments, wondering if it was worth his time or not. A smirk appeared on his face when he began to nod his head energetically.

Lovino was pleased with his answer. He then put his sun glasses back on and left the room with a flick of his wrist in your direction.

"Soooo, (y/n) was it?" Feliciano asked as he walked over towards you.

You nodded. "And you are?"

"Feliciano Vargas. My friends call me 'Feli' though. And you can too if you want since you're cute!"

Your face began to feel like an oven again. You weren't used to being called 'cute' or anything like that. It wasn't that you weren't, you were just shy and tried to blend in with other people. Since you never really stood out, people rarely complimented your looks like that.

"So do you like art?"

You nodded. "Yeah, but I'm not good at drawing or painting.... I just thought that it would be fun," you added with a shrug. "Plus, no one can say that your art is bad, unless it's suppose to be a tree but looks nothing like a tree."

Feliciano laughed. "Come, (y/n)." he  commanded, taking your hand and tugging on it. He wasn't gentle like Lovino, but the dark haired boy was more energetic. He led you over to a desk, sat down and sat you on his lap.


"Just for a moment? Class hasn't even started." the Italian whined as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

For you, this was a little outside your comfort zone. You pried the male's arms off of you and quickly sat in the desk behind him. You smiled apologetically and giggled at Feliciano's cute little pouty face. What you didn't know was that this was a bad decision you had just made. No one could really blame you though.

You had to suffer through the wrath of Feli's pouty face for a few moments longer before the bell rang. Feliciano hesitantly turned to face the teacher, sulking in his seat.

You felt a little bad once you noticed how hurt it made him feel, but he was old enough to not stay mad at something silly like that. What you totally forgot about was that you were in GWA 2. Everything seemed so normal and it slipped from your mind. Your plan for being careful was already falling apart and you had already spent less than an hour there.
You are sent to Gakuen World Academy 2, where they send troublesome teens. You're not like the rest, you are actually good. Can you survive without losing your sanity? And will you fall for one of the other students there?

I DO NOT OWN HETALIA! :iconhimaruyaplz: owns Hetalia
I only own this idea and you belong to you.

I'm SO stupid! Germania's related to Prussia and Germany! So I fixed the last name issue!
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I would just sit in his lap.
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Well nice knowing you all... you may or may not wake up tied to a chair and wounded... With me in front of you... 'jk that was just to fit with the fanfic, bow awesome so far though I would probably rip Feli's face off for making me sit on his lap ^_^ '
ChessyKat01 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
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I know exactly how you feel.. I'm not as tall as you but I'm 5 foot 9 or something and them I'm like: well then... you just made me a lot shorter than I am.. (one author once had put the character be like 4 foot 6 or something and I was like: riiiiiight......)
GrimmaceTheFox Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'm sorry for making you feel so short... :'(
Sandfrie Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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This is awesome
The 2p's are my faves!
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I should probably finish 4th ch., but procrastination! XD

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Plz be patient with me! *bows*

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